How my gap year has helped me!♡

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog I am so excited to get into blogging again! I have just recently got a new job which means I am going to have more time to be at home and get into my blog routine! As well as my insta! @asprinkleofellarose btw!Which really excites me as I feel like the worst blogger ever because I just havent had the time to sit down and write, on my days off I have so many jobs to do and if I am honest on my days off I look forward to just chilling out!

So todays post is going to be all about how I believe that my gap year has benefited me and helped me grow as a person. I have decided to do this because a lot of you guys are around my age or starting to apply for uni, so I thought why not touch on why I have decided to have a year out and why it helped me? Also I know that last year I did a post on why I did not want to go to uni, but after some consideration I have decided on what I want to do and why I want to go!

The first thing which I have really grown in is my confidence and that has been from my job, I work on a customer service desk which means I am on the front of the store, so if anyone has any issues, they come to me. I also get the complaints, you need to be confident in a job like this, because every customer is going to be different and bring you a different issue, so you need to also be very practical with it. I have really found this hard, I wasn’t a shy person, but I defo was not the most confident!But I really did find gaining some confidence hard, but I am glad that I was able to do this in my year out, because I believe it is important to try and gain some!

Another thing which I have got more understanding on throughout my gap year is life skills, well I guess you could call it that! I feel like I have got more of an understanding on the value of money and just becoming a lot more mature, I don’t mean that if you did not have a year out then you are not mature, just for me personally I think I have matured as I got to have a little taste of working full time before going into university.

The last thing which I have really been able to is really look into what course I wanted to go into, I said in my posty about not wanting to go to uni, that my school were not very helpful if you were not going into uni, so because I did not know what I wanted to do, I felt that I did not get any support, and now I have had time out to research into what course I wanted to go into, and then I could do that without the added pressure of any school work or exams.

I hope this has explained to you guys as to why I think that my gap year has helped me grow as a person and become a lot happier and confident!

Love Ella x


Welcoming 2019!♡

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to 2019! Can you believe that it is 2019 already? That means I left school three years ago?? How Scary!!!! Anyway, I just thought I would come onto here, and give you all a little cheeky blogpost, as my last one was around Christmas! I hope you all had lovely christmasses, I was going to do A What I Got For Christmas Post, but I have decided against it, no reason why I just dont feel like writing one, and if I am honest I just want to get on with the rest of the year! 2019 is going to (hopefully) be a big year for me!

As some of you will know from my Instagram (@asprinkleofellarose) I turned 19 on the 7th Of January! I had the best week of celebrating, and I cannot believe that I am now a 19 year old, soooooo scary! So after the excitement of my birthday, the day after I actually had a job interview, so I work in Tesco for you guys who don’t know, I work on the Customer Service Desk and I love it! Anyway, the place I work is around a half an hour drive away, and there is a Tesco right near my house, so they had a vacancy on the same department, so I applied and yes your gal got the job! I should be starting at the start of February which is so exciting!! And then the day after this, I had my first university interview which was also very scary but exciting! I m hopefully going to go an study to become a Childrens Nurse, which has been my dream for a long time! Yes, I am going in a year later than everyone else my age, but thats okay with me!! Would you like a blog post on university and the process??

My goals for this year:

  1. Get into blogging and instagramming more!!
  2. Get in to university!
  3. Get healthy and lose some weight!
  4. Work on my mental health!
  5. Appreciate more stuff!
  6. BE HAPPY!!

What is your main goal for this year?

Love Ella x


Blogmas Day Eight: My Present Exchange with @everythingedenx!♡

Hello everyone, and HAPPY BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT!! I cannot believe that it is the 20th already?? It is super scary!! FIVE DAYS TO GO!! This post is going to be the post which I have waited the longest time to write, and it is a collab with my bestie Eden, and our swap box!! For years we have been wanting to do this swap, and finally it happened. I spent ages trying to make sure that I could send her the best presents, and I think, well hope that I succeeded. She definitely did, and she really spoilt me!

So since me and Eden live quiteeee far, we always knew that sending the parcel was going to be a little tricky, but we got there! Hermes were amazing, and if we do this again, which I hope we will, I will defo be using Hermes again! It took a few days to get there, since we sent them on the same day, we actually received them on the same day! So we opened them up on FaceTime, and it was soooooooooooo fun!! I loved seeing Eden open her presents!

So I opened up my parcel, and inside there was a little note with clues about all of the presents and they were wrapped up and numbered! I stupidly forgot to take a photo of them before I opened them because I was too excited!!! So sorry about that, I am not the best blogger!!



First of all I opened the cutest little bags ever, and IT SAYS MY FRICKEN NAME ON IT!! It is honestly my favourite thing ever, and I cannot wait to start using it, I was gonna use it for a pencil case but I do not want to ruin it by pens leaking or something, I WOULD CRY! and what is also amazing is that it is ROSE GOLD AND GREY, my two favourite colours!


For those of you who know me, might know that I have a big obsession with bath and body works, and I only have some of their pocketbacs, Eden surprised me with a hand cream, in one of my fav scents! Isn’t it crazy how much she knows me??? I love it sooo much, and look how cute the little Merry Christmas bag is!!!


I also got some Antomicals facemasks, which I have always wanted to try, two very interesting flavours as well! I can’t wait to use these when I have a nice fancy pamper night, I looooove facemasks so thank you!!


OKKKK, so I am in love with thses, they are Oliver Bonas fluffy socks and not only are they fluffy socks which I love but they are grey, which is one of my favourite colours, Eden must know me so well because I am always soooooooo cold, especially my feet!!


Look at how stunning these little postit notes are, I love stationary so thses were lovely, and I am sure they will come in handy for when I go to university next year!! And look at this cute coaster as well, if this doesn’t sum up me and Eden, I dont know what does, I love this more than anything and this might possibly be my fav thing ever!!!


Sooooo, on the theme of stationary, I love having notebooks, and and this sums me up more than anything because I love cats and I have one! I am saving this for uni as well because I always love carrying a notebook around with me because I loveeee having a doodle when Im bored or writing down an idea!!


So stupidly I have forgotten to take pictures of the pens she also got me, which were amazing and sooooo me!! ( I really am a crap blogger!! ) Anyway they are amazing and am sure they will feature on my instagram at some point!! But she also got me some smarties and buttons, she really knows me!!!


I just want to say thank you to my best friend for doing this, and spending the time and money to do it!! Head over to Eden’s Blog to see what I got her!!

Love Ella x

Blogmas Day Seven: How to get in the Christmas Spirit!♡


Todays post is going to be short but sweet because I always like to read short little posts! This is going to be about how to get into the spirit because I LOVE talking about anything to do with Christmas! And I know that some people can find it hard to get into the spirit of Christmas so I thought I would try to give you guys some of my tips!

  1. Listen to some Christmas songs to get yourself in a good festive mood!!
  2. Eat some festive nibbles!! Personally some chocolate!
  3. Decorate your house/room, with lots of festive bits and colourful to brighten it up!
  4. Burn some festive smelling candles to make the room smell nice!
  5. Watch Christmas films!
  6. Go to a carol concert, at a local Church! I am not religous, but there is something about going to a Church which makes me Christmassy!
  8. Of course, Christmas shopping! Buying things for other people, makes me so happy and very festive, because I love giving people presents!
  9. Baking, today me and my brother made Christmas cookies and they were the best”!
  10. Spending time with your family, and sharing the love!!

Thank you for reading and I am so sorry this was so short! Have a lovely evening my loves!!

Ella x

Blogmas Day Six: What does Christmas mean to me?♡

Hello everyone and Happy Blogmas Day Six!! Today is the start of my week of blog posts, and I am super excited! I cannot believe how close we are getting to Christmas day!! Anyway, I am super excited for this post because it is a little different to most of the posts in which I have done before, this is going to be quite a personal post all about what Christmas means to me because although getting gifts and having a nice meal is great, Christmas still has a very personal meaning to me.

Christmas in my opinion, is about seeing family and friends, and spending time with them! I look forward to going round to my nan and grandads and seeing my cousins, aunties and just everyone! Even though I do see my family alot, it is nice to see them all at once and together! I never want to leave to go home because I just love being around them all! Since my family is massive it is very hard to make sure that we all get at least one day together, so I always try to make sure I can make it! This year Christmas Eve is going to be so special for me, because my mum is working on Christmas Day, so I am super excited to spend the day with her. Since my family do not celebrate boxing day, I said I would work so I hope that this is going to be nice and not too hard, since I work in retail it is not going to be easy…

I love giving presents to my family, and seeing their faces when they open it. As well as my friends of course, it just excites me! I love the whole process of getting the presents, wrapping them and then giving them. I also love giving to other people who might not be as fortunate as others, when we were in school, my mum, brother and I would always make up shoeboxes for the shoebox appeal, which is a box of little goodies which get sent over to countries, where children might not be receiving any presents at all. It is a lovely feeling when you give someone who might not get anything at all, it is so nice.

I also love going around to old peoples homes and singing them carols, I think that this can really help to make their Christmas a lot more happier, and gives them a little bit of happiness. I think it also makes their Christmas because they might not have any family or friends come to see them, at least this way they will be able to see someone, and have a little bit of time with someone, even if it just for a chat! It is really important to make sure that any older relatives you might have, that could be lonely at Christmas, have someone go round to see them and spend some time with them.

Sorry for a short post, but I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment what Christmas means to you down below!!

Love Ella x

Blogmas Day Five: Cosy Night In Essentials Festive Edition!♡

Hello Everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day Five, this is a collab post with some of my blogger friends! This is my first big collab with a lot of bloggers, which is super exciting!

Here are the links to these amazing bloggers which I am collabing with:

Anyway on with my post, I love having cosy nights in and especially around this festive time! The cold weather outside makes you want to snuggle up more, and watch about a million Christmas films! The first must have is defo some Christmassy movies or Christmas specials on the TV! We all know how amazing the TV shows are around the festive period, and netflix have some amazing films on there! I also really like watching the Call The Midwife Christmas specials, and as well as the EastEnders one!

I also love to have some festive candles or wax melts burning, to create a cosy atmosphere as well as a nice festive smell! My favourite candle to burn at the minute has to be my Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle, and my GingerBread Wickford & Co one, they create such a festive smell and cosy vibe in my bedroom, I love them! I love turning the lights off, having my candles burning, and having my tree lights on, it creates a nice cosy atmosphere!!

Festive warm drinks are my favourite also, I am obsessed with the gingerbread lattes/hot chocolates from Costa, we have them for out Tassimo, and they are amazing! I also love having a normal hot chocolate which whipped cream and marshmallows! Anything to warm me up, I also love having festive mugs, I think that these are a MUST HAVE! They just make you hot drink so much more festive!

Okay, so my favourite thing ever around Christmas is the has to be all the Christmas nibbles, and lets face it, you cannot have a movie/cosy night in without any nibbles! I love all Christmassy nibbles, they make this kind of year the best! I eat so much food over this period, but I think Christmas is defo the time to do this!!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite things are for a cosy night in!! And please check out the other blog posts!!

Love Ella x

Blogmas Day Four: Stocking Fillers!♡

Hello lovelies, and welcome to Blogmas Day 4! Can you believe its the 15th? TEN DAYS TO GO!!!! Anyway I hope everyones having a lovely December so far, I am working so much throughout the Chirstmas Period, but thats okay as I need the money! I am so happy that I have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off!! I have to work boxing day but my family never really do much, so I might as well go into work!

Anyway for todays post, I thought I would share with you what I think makes good stocking fillers, or little gifts! I had originally planned to write a gift guide but in my opinion, you can buy anyone anything, it all depends on what they are personally into or what their interests are, whereas with stocking fillers, it can be anything! The thing that I love about stocking fillers has to be that they are super cute but they can be very affordable. I also like that you can buy loads of them, for the same price as a present but they are so much more useful because you get lots of different bits!

I always find that Primark and little nick knack shops always have the nicest little stocking fillers! Another shop with I really recommend for some little stocking fillers is Tiger, it has really strange little gifts but they are all little things which make lovely little fillers for a stocking! They have little craft things to little silly gifts, I think you can pretty much find most things in this shop!

I also think that necessities are also good stocking fillers, this can include things like socks, hairbands, hair grips or anything which someone might just need stocking up on, and no I didn’t mean to make this pun!! But I just think that giving these as gifts can be very helpful, I know that someone might not ask for them or in your eyes they might not been seen as presents but I believe that they are big helps, my mum will always top my stocking up with a few little bits like this because she knows that they will be a big help to me!

Anyway, I am going to keep this post nice and short! I hope that this post has helped you guys with stocking fillers, I am so excited that its so close to the big day now! See you in my next post! Please let me know any ideas you might have for any stocking fillers!

Love Ella x