Blogmas Day Five: Cosy Night In Essentials Festive Edition!♡

Hello Everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day Five, this is a collab post with some of my blogger friends! This is my first big collab with a lot of bloggers, which is super exciting!

Here are the links to these amazing bloggers which I am collabing with:

Anyway on with my post, I love having cosy nights in and especially around this festive time! The cold weather outside makes you want to snuggle up more, and watch about a million Christmas films! The first must have is defo some Christmassy movies or Christmas specials on the TV! We all know how amazing the TV shows are around the festive period, and netflix have some amazing films on there! I also really like watching the Call The Midwife Christmas specials, and as well as the EastEnders one!

I also love to have some festive candles or wax melts burning, to create a cosy atmosphere as well as a nice festive smell! My favourite candle to burn at the minute has to be my Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle, and my GingerBread Wickford & Co one, they create such a festive smell and cosy vibe in my bedroom, I love them! I love turning the lights off, having my candles burning, and having my tree lights on, it creates a nice cosy atmosphere!!

Festive warm drinks are my favourite also, I am obsessed with the gingerbread lattes/hot chocolates from Costa, we have them for out Tassimo, and they are amazing! I also love having a normal hot chocolate which whipped cream and marshmallows! Anything to warm me up, I also love having festive mugs, I think that these are a MUST HAVE! They just make you hot drink so much more festive!

Okay, so my favourite thing ever around Christmas is the has to be all the Christmas nibbles, and lets face it, you cannot have a movie/cosy night in without any nibbles! I love all Christmassy nibbles, they make this kind of year the best! I eat so much food over this period, but I think Christmas is defo the time to do this!!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite things are for a cosy night in!! And please check out the other blog posts!!

Love Ella x


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