Blogmas Day Eight: My Present Exchange with @everythingedenx!♡

Hello everyone, and HAPPY BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT!! I cannot believe that it is the 20th already?? It is super scary!! FIVE DAYS TO GO!! This post is going to be the post which I have waited the longest time to write, and it is a collab with my bestie Eden, and our swap box!! For years we have been wanting to do this swap, and finally it happened. I spent ages trying to make sure that I could send her the best presents, and I think, well hope that I succeeded. She definitely did, and she really spoilt me!

So since me and Eden live quiteeee far, we always knew that sending the parcel was going to be a little tricky, but we got there! Hermes were amazing, and if we do this again, which I hope we will, I will defo be using Hermes again! It took a few days to get there, since we sent them on the same day, we actually received them on the same day! So we opened them up on FaceTime, and it was soooooooooooo fun!! I loved seeing Eden open her presents!

So I opened up my parcel, and inside there was a little note with clues about all of the presents and they were wrapped up and numbered! I stupidly forgot to take a photo of them before I opened them because I was too excited!!! So sorry about that, I am not the best blogger!!



First of all I opened the cutest little bags ever, and IT SAYS MY FRICKEN NAME ON IT!! It is honestly my favourite thing ever, and I cannot wait to start using it, I was gonna use it for a pencil case but I do not want to ruin it by pens leaking or something, I WOULD CRY! and what is also amazing is that it is ROSE GOLD AND GREY, my two favourite colours!


For those of you who know me, might know that I have a big obsession with bath and body works, and I only have some of their pocketbacs, Eden surprised me with a hand cream, in one of my fav scents! Isn’t it crazy how much she knows me??? I love it sooo much, and look how cute the little Merry Christmas bag is!!!


I also got some Antomicals facemasks, which I have always wanted to try, two very interesting flavours as well! I can’t wait to use these when I have a nice fancy pamper night, I looooove facemasks so thank you!!


OKKKK, so I am in love with thses, they are Oliver Bonas fluffy socks and not only are they fluffy socks which I love but they are grey, which is one of my favourite colours, Eden must know me so well because I am always soooooooo cold, especially my feet!!


Look at how stunning these little postit notes are, I love stationary so thses were lovely, and I am sure they will come in handy for when I go to university next year!! And look at this cute coaster as well, if this doesn’t sum up me and Eden, I dont know what does, I love this more than anything and this might possibly be my fav thing ever!!!


Sooooo, on the theme of stationary, I love having notebooks, and and this sums me up more than anything because I love cats and I have one! I am saving this for uni as well because I always love carrying a notebook around with me because I loveeee having a doodle when Im bored or writing down an idea!!


So stupidly I have forgotten to take pictures of the pens she also got me, which were amazing and sooooo me!! ( I really am a crap blogger!! ) Anyway they are amazing and am sure they will feature on my instagram at some point!! But she also got me some smarties and buttons, she really knows me!!!


I just want to say thank you to my best friend for doing this, and spending the time and money to do it!! Head over to Eden’s Blog to see what I got her!!

Love Ella x


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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Eight: My Present Exchange with @everythingedenx!♡”

  1. I loved reading this!! Just finished reading Eden’s and both posts have made me so excited for Christmas Day now! The fluffy socks look like absolute heaven, and the notebook is so so cute!! Xx

    ~ Alex |


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